Iroko angled plank table top

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Angled Slated Iroko. We make these tops in solid Iroko in our workshops here in our factory in the UK. The Iroko is 25mm thick and we angle the slats to create at alternated pattern. The tops are oiled once for exterior use.  Due to the cutting of the planks at angles to one another, this gives the tabletop a lovely appearance when seen from above. Iroko is a great wood to use outside. It has naturally an oily wood. When first cut it is an orange colour. Over time the wood Oxidises and the UV sun rays react with the top surface of the wood and it darkens to a dark brown colour and looks fabulous. We fully recommend this type of wood for exterior use on tabletop outside commercial hospitality premises. Each year we would also recommend a clean down, a light sand to key off the surface and re-oiling. Always use Oil and nothing else.. The tops will last years then.