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We have added to our range of metal clad table tops a Copper top. Copper is a fantastic metal. Apart from being an attractive metal either tarnished or polished it is a healing metal. The clean antimircobial properties of Copper have been known for over  1000’s years. Studies have shown that Viruses struggle to stay alive on this surface metal for very long unlike other metals such as Stainless steel which Viruses love and stay alive on its surface for over 72 hours.  The top shown is is Copper sheet clad over a sub frame. We have shown it in the slide show as tarnished and polished. You have add design details to the top as shown, such as studding, punches and raised reliefs. Add a few of these tops into your design as features but also know that you are doing good with the fight against Covid 19 and other viruses. The copper top also looks good tarnished and oxidised. So you don’t have to worry about polishing it. Its healing properties are the same polished of tarnished.



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