Designed Glass tabletops.

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We produce Branded tops and some of these are produced with specialist glass. Here we show a specific design where we have had the glass digitally printed on the back of the toughened glass. We then produce a subframe for the glass to sit into. The edge we produce in Mild steel and then paint this with EPC. The glass has a bevel to the edge and is polished. The top is then mastic sealed to the edge of the glass and the metal edge of the subframe. The mastic is below the surface to make sure that when the tabletop is in operation the cleaning of the tabletop does not touch the mastic seal. This gives longevity to the tabletop and seals gaps where food and dirt can accumulate over time. This specialist design can allow designers and brand makers to bring to life the brand in the restaurant or cafe. It also allows other features to be fitted into the table subframe such as lights and possible charging points. There are some that can work through glass so that the customer can leave their mobile phone on the surface and the specialist charging unit can do its work. (The charging units would need to be researched by the client and free issued to Warings to be fitted inside the table top. Connection would also be down to the client should the customer find a solution that works for their brand.)