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3 Leg Low Stool

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This Three leg stool is inspired by the Artec Model 60 3 leg stool designed by Alvar Alto in 1933 in Finland. It was also exhibited in Fortnum and Masson’s Finnish exhibition of 1933.  The stool is a fantastic example of simple design that works and is cost-effective.  It is strong, lightweight, and versatile. The Stool has space-saving qualities as it can stack many high in a square spiral shape. Alvar originally designed it for a library. His strength tests back in 1933 was to throw it against the floor repeatedly. Having been produced in bent multiply birch plywood, it was strong. The process of using multiply as a material of construction is used to this day in large wooden beams. And also during WW11 the Mosquito was predominantly produced using plywood. Warings Furniture assembles the components we have in stock at our factory and workshops here in Norfolk, England, and we then stain and polish the stool to customers requirements. Shown here is the stool stained and polished a dark walnut colour.