Nala Outside High Stool


Our Nala High stool shown here is produced recently to be an Outside High Stool to go with its sister product our Bally high table. We have developed this two stool combination with a high table specifically to utilise the need for outside dining to help the hospitality industry cope with the Covid19 pandemic and mitigate dining inside issues. The stool is produced from mild steel tube. We have then coated the steel with an exterior process EPC paint. Also, we have added a comfortable cushion top. Here we have used a special exterior foam which allows water to travel straight through the foam and not act as a sponge so that the upholstery does not need to be brought inside when it is raining. Added to this we have purchased and used an exterior water-repellent fabric, so the rainwater runs off as well. The dining experience is enhanced using the Warings Furniture Bally high table and its sister stool the Nala outside high stool. Furthermore, we have designed the stool to fit neatly into the end of the bally high table.

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