Keeping a low carbon footprint at Warings Furniture is paramount to ensuring a responsible outlook on the World we live in today.

We are environmentally and socially conscious

Our manufacturing process is designed to minimise waste at every turn. When we do produce industrial waste we will endeavour to find a second use for it. Our modern fleet of low emission vehicles are scheduled to only make the minimum amount of miles between jobs, and in many instances pick up our raw supplies on return journeys.

Our factory and offices are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.  We are proud of our ongoing development programme designed to help us be as sustainable as possible.

Heat exchange system for office heating for environmental benefit. And within the last two years we have installed a second larger biomass boiler to heat our factory instead of burning heating oil by using our own wood waste.
Backloads by using our own fleet we are able to pick up our own supplies on the way back from deliveries.
Of all our production waste is recycled and reused.
Reduction by installing energy efficient lighting in our warehousing.
Eco-friendly office building constructed to maximise heat & light. Also two years ago Warings installed two arrays of solar panels on its 17 acre site which generates 86% of our electricity needs and during weekends we send back our unused electricity to the network for others to use.